Mercedes Vito Viano

6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423

6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423
6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423

6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423   6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423

6396305207 aile avant droit mercedes vito caja cerrada 6.03 - 4565423. Wing before right mercedes vito caja cerrada 6.03 -> 2.1 cdi cat (109 cv) 2003.

Observations: este tipo de pieza puede presentar defectos leves en la pintura debido a su manipulation. Model: vito caja cerrada 6.03 -> 2.1 cdi cat (109 cv).

For high cubic capacity parts such as hoods, motors, wings or oversized parts, please refer to shipping costs. For orders to the Corsican, the additional shipping costs. We do not carry out international shipments to the islands. If you need to know if this part is valid for your vehicle, you can send us the wine number of your vehicle.

We can check it out. ¿quieres que vous aseguremos que esta pieza corresponde à vous vehículo? Solo you only enviarnos el número vin de tu vehículo. If you need to know if this part is valid for your car, you can send us your car vehicle identification number (vin). Wenn sie wissen möchten, ob dieses teil für ihr fahrzeug gültig ist, können sie uns die fahrgestellnummer ihres fahrzeugs zusenden.

Se hai bisogno di sapere se questo pezzo è valido per il tuo veicolo, puoi invierci il numero vin del tuo veicolo. Jesli chcesz wiedziec, czy ta czesc jest wazna dla twojego pojazdu, mozesz przeslac nam numer vin swojego pojazdu. Se você precisa saber se esta peça é válida para o seu veículo, você pode nos enviar o número vin do seu veículo. Returns will only be accepted within 15 working days from the date of sale (in accordance with Articles 102 to 105 of the Consolidated Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007).

If the part complies with the warranty period and conditions and is defective, we will offer you another part, and if we do not have it in stock, we will refund you see Appendix 1. Desguaces melli cat sierra verde s. L with cif b06924435 and tax address in ctra sevilla - lisboa (cruce valdelarco) 21291 galaroza (huelva) offers its customers the legally established guarantee for used spare parts. See exceptions in the specific guarantees section.

Provided that the installation of the detached part is carried out in authorized workshops in accordance with the legislation in force. Our guarantee covers the replacement of the part or the refund of the amount of the part, that is, if the part is defective or its performance is not adequate compared to those offered, we offer you another equivalent piece, and in case we do not have it in stock, we refund you the total amount in the same form of payment, in the normal terms from the date of purchase.

The guarantee does not cover. Workshop costs, travel costs, towing costs, operating losses and other costs resulting from the possible immobilization of the vehicle. Inadequate handling, improper use, negligence, damage during assembly, defective installation or maintenance or by non-professional personnel, overload, overvoltage and other external causes not attributable to the condition and quality of the product. Damage caused by transport, impacts or atmospheric phenomena, or any other cause of force majeure not attributable to the condition and quality of the product.

In case of damage caused by transport, you must inform us directly within 24 hours. Normal wear parts related to vehicle use tires, bulbs, discs, clutches, batteries, brake pads, etc. Incorrect or inadequate maintenance or maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Repairs or installations carried out once the non-compliance of the product has been declared or those carried out when there is a defect of origin and without such non-compliance having been previously declared. Maintenance or adjustment operations and periodic checks.

Damage to paint or paint damage that is not serious and that results from normal wear and tear, as these are used parts. Parts that have undergone alterations, erasures, seals or broken markings. Parts and spare parts lose their warranty if they have been handled.

If you do not agree with all or part of the specifications of this document, please return the material to us without opening it and without removing the seals. The alteration of the seal will result in the acceptance of our policy of guarantee and return. For this purpose and as proof of conformity, after reading and approving it, the customer accepts it. All our engines and gearboxes have. And no other period of time for legal purposes.

If a specific warranty period is agreed between the buyer and the seller at the time of the sale, the latter shall apply, not the previous one. This period must be specified on the sales invoice. Only the main part of the engine, including the head and block, as well as its internal workpieces, is covered.

Excludes external parts mounted on the engine, such as the injector housing, injectors, preheating plugs, ignition plugs, belts, sleeves, dispenser and ignition coils, water pump, thermostat, steering wheel, clutch, turbocharger, intake and exhaust manifolds, different radiators, depressor, fan, various sensors and electrical installations. For the proper operation of the guarantee, it is mandatory to change the distribution kit, replace the water pump and thermostats, and to accredit this change with an official invoice from an approved workshop, otherwise the guarantee will be null and void. The assembly and disassembly work is absolutely excluded from the warranty in all cases. Control units, electronic parts or electrical equipment are not covered by the warranty.

Due to the fragility of their components, they can only be damaged if they are mounted in a vehicle, for example if the vehicle undergoes a short circuit. Control units can store the history of the vehicle from which they have been dismantled. To reuse it, it is therefore necessary to perform a reset (deletion of stored data) and to empty the vehicle data to be repaired. An incorrect replacement can render the control unit to be used unusable, so it should only be mounted by professionals. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to be valid.

You must keep the original package of the piece. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer. However, if the warranty or return of compliance is applicable to the returned product, the customer will be reimbursed for all costs associated with that return. In case of replacement as a solution to the warranty, the customer will receive the room within a maximum of 48 hours from the receipt of the defective room on our premises.

In the event of a credit note for the replacement, the replacement will be completed within 10 days of receipt of the product at our facilities, as it must undergo an inspection and verification process. This item is in the category "auto, motorbike - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\ exterior: parts and accessories\body panels\side panels and Custos". The seller is "desguaces_melli" and is located in this country: es. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

    Mark: mercedes Model: vito caja cerrada 6.03 -> 2.1 cdi cat (109 cv) Manufacturer part number: 6396305207

6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423   6396305207 Aisle Avant Droit Mercedes Vito Caja Cerrada 6.03 4565423