Mercedes Vito Viano

Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt

Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt
Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt

Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt    Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt

Items in uk / to warehouse. 9 android 8.0 für VW Passat Polo Golf tiguan eos seat gps dab + radio ops. 9 android 8.1 Mercedes Benz car radio a / b klasse Sprinter viano vito dab + bt gps.

Android 8.0 bmw m3 e46 318 3er rover 75 mg zt dab radio + GPS navi dvd dvb-t2. Dab + cd android 8.1 gps radio Mercedes C / clk / g class w203 w209 viano vito tnt. This unit is the best for android multimedia system on the market, 4-core with high-speed processing, The Most functions can be Compared with your smartphone. 7 all-in-one design for mercedes c class w203 clk class w209 ...

Cars with canbus decode (it cost gbp30 in the market). Android 8.1 os oreo, 1024600.

Internal Storage, Support extended card 2/2 usb stick up to. It has special harbor for digital tv box, you can connect our. Box to achieve achievement touch operation, and this item can power on the connected DTV box.

App, just connect with our dab + box to use this function. App for display tire pressure monitoring system, just connect with our product tpms through usb to use this function, and built-in. App, just connect with a USB camera to use because record function. The record will be saved in card / usb storage automatically, and you can play saved record on this unit directly.

For iphone and android smartphone. 2 & because you can connect a Bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 scan tool to use this function.

Most popular and Strongest function. Support 1080p videos / live images / 2160p pictures, PDF support / word / txt / Excel, audio / video / picture media player, surfing internet through 3g / 4g wifi gold, supporting Google online maps and free android offline maps gps navi, get access to Thousands of apps, games on the google play store, keep connected through twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail, WeChat, skype and other services play popular games like fruit ninja, feed the candy, angry Birds, big fish, air attack. Radio, RDS, bluetooth, dVD, uSB, sD, cam-in, to, steering wheel control, live wallpaper, wallpaper dIY.

220mm (top width) 124mm (high) 210mm (bottom width). Operation system, beautiful and fashionable unique design ui - 7 five point touch. Hd digital screen - support. You can run two apps side by side. Internal memory, extended support 2 card / usb stick up to 2.

You can drag search bar, music / radio / bt-stereo player, apps or other bookmarks one hand to display menu - built-in clock and calendar, clock / date / week / time zone adjustable, can use gps or network-provided time - multi-languages: It has more than. To select - button light color in. Sami Just as your original car radio and electronics. From gallery pictures - built-in. Internet, 3G / 4G dongle is not included - Support Google maps.

You can use GPS navigating if you are in the internet - media. You can use free offline maps navigation. It can play music / movie / photo from local disc or USB / SD. Support online video, TV, movie, music, radio, youtube, yahoo, msn. Keep connected through WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail and other services - supporting read and edit.

You can download Thousands of apps and games from here. 3D games, HD video, 1080p, h.

Formats - HD videos supporting up to 1920 pixels, photo up to 40,964,096 pixels - support. Function, built-in microphone and external microphone jack. Function - torque supporting pro, You can connect a scan tool OBD2 ELM327 bt to use this function.

With iPhone via wifi and with android smartphone via usb wifi gold - built-in. Player for your CD, VCD, DVD ... Slot, Support USB stick and memory card up to 64gb - built-in. Apk, just connect with a USB camera to use because record function.

Apk, just connect with a product tpms through usb to use this function - built-in. Apk, just connect a dab / dab + box with USB port to use this function. Box with special harbor to use this function. Av input, touch control and power supply - support.

Input and reverse trigger control - support. Hand brake control - electronic anti-shock, last position memory. Es3657c 7 capacitive quad-core Android 8.1 for multimedia gps player / wireless / tpms / DVR / DTV-in / dab + .. general - power supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5v) - max. System - operation system: google android 8.1 - CPU: Rockchips Px30 1512mhz cortex a35 - RAM: 2GB - internal memory: 16GB - extended card / USB: USB media / sd up to 64gb.

Display - Touch screen: yes - Resolution: 1024600 - capacitive or resistance screen: capacitive - built-in clock and calendar: yes, show real time and can use network-provided time - diy hand display menu: yes, you can drag music / radio / bT stereo player, search app icon gold bar to main menu - changing apps-icon position: yes. Read and edit Office software: yes, Support word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, txt. Audio - Format: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, ma4, flac, ape, wav etc. Video - Format: AVI Support h. 264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV h.

Asf, ts, tp, 3gp, mpg ect. = 30 formats video playing Internet Directly (while downloading) - play: up to 1920x1080 pixels, 30mb.

Fluent play without spot light - video output: common video output (av). Gps - operation system: Android 8.1 - maps Support: IGO, Sygic maps for android 8.1 - ready to use: yes - Voice guidance: yes - Support 2D / 3D map views: yes - dual zone: yes, navigating while music playing - online navi: yes, google maps online media navigating. Dvd - decode ic: 8202tq - compatible format: MP4, AVI, DivX, DVD, VCD, MP3, CD, WMA, JPEG - OSD / audio / subtitle language: English, Italian, french, spanish, portuguese, german, russian .. Auto-save function: yes, expediently watch all kinds of disc Continuously. Bluetooth - hands free: yes - A2DP (Bluetooth stereo music): yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth - Bluetooth music control: yes, play / pause / previous / next - bp-download: yes, can download Phonebook from mobile to this unit - bp-search: yes, can use the first letter to search contacting member in bp-listings - calling records: yes, dialed call, received call, missed call - setup: auto answer, auto connect, device name - built-in microphone: yes, on the front panel - external microphone jack: yes, on the back, external mic.

Usb - position: 2 USB on the back, can be connected with media, 3g / 4g, tpms, camera, dab + box, smartphone - capacity: 64gb - play MP5 videos: yes, can play RMVB videos up to 1080p - touch music title Directly to play: yes. Card - position: on the front panel, or media card slot gps optional - capacity: 64gb micro sd / TF card - play videos MP5: yes, can play RMVB videos up to 1080p - touch music title to play Directly: yes. Car DVR - DVR built-in app: yes, just connect a USB camera DVR to use this function - Connection Port: USB - Storing position: card / usb storage can be changed - touch control camera dvr-one unit: yes - DVR- camera incl. Tpms-in - Built-in tpms app: yes, just connect a tpms unit to use this function - Connection Port: USB - power supply unit to tpms Directly: yes - tpms touch control unit is united: yes - tpms incl module. Dab (+) - in - built-in dab player app: yes, just connect a dab + box to use this function - Connection Port: USB - power supply to dab + box Directly: yes - touch control dab + box is united: yes - dab + box incl. DTV-in - built-in DTV player app: yes, just connect a DVB-T / T2 box to use this function - Port connection: USB - power supply to DVB-T / T2 box Directly: yes - touch control dvb-t / t2 box one unit: yes - dVB-t / t2 box incl. Additional - textbook: could change font, font color, background color, bookmark, reading e-book while listening music - photo viewer: jps support, bmp, png, gif etc. Play by revolve, powerpoint media 40964096 pixels - wallpapers 5 live wallpapers, 29 standard wallpapers, supporting DIY wallpaper from gallery - apk install: android package carrier install - split screen support, you can run two apps side by side - torque bracket Pro ( oBD2 & car): yes, you can connect a bluetooth oBD2 scan tool to use this function - Support mirror link function: yes, medium screen mirroring from iphone and android smartphone. Setup - Network & Internet: wifi / Hotspot / VPN / airplane fashion - connected devices: Bluetooth settings and connecting - Apps & notifications: apps info / notifications / app permissions / default apps, special app access - display: brightness level, wallpaper, are size, night display and touch assistive - wallpaper: wallpapers, live wallpapers, gallery - sound: key tone, volume, default notification sound, default alarm sound - storage: storage manager, internal shared storage and mobile storage - security & rentals:: rent / device admin apps / apps with usage access - users & accounts: add account / automatically sync data - accessibility, yes - because settings: element / steering wheel keys / amplifier / navigation / driving settings / extra settings / factory settings - amplify: rock / pop / jazz / classic / flat / voice / custom - navigation: yes, navigation implementation options, monitoring, sound mode, mixing ratio, gps monitor - driving safety: allowed or block watching video, while notifications in statusbar driving. Network settings for app while driving - extra settings: shutdown delay access When off, choose playing music automatically When USB or SD inserted. Reversing x-mirror, reversing volume, reversing trajectory display, radar car display, rear view ruler - factory settings: Code 126, choose radio band, voice levels, canbus types and 88 open-logos-unit - google services & preferences - system : languages ​​& input / Date & time / backup / mcu & system updates / reset / about Machine - languages ​​& input: more than 180 languages ​​and choose input method - Date & time: setting the date & time by yourself or choose gps / network-provided time & time zone - about machine: display parameter info.

Output - video out: two - Audio out: en / fl / rr / Services - surround stereo out: 445w - Subwoofer out: one. Accessories - 1power cable with special connector - 1special harbor for car CANbus connector - 1special canbus decoder box - 1RCA cable - 1USB otg cable - 1radio antenna adapter cable - 1gps antenna - 116gb TF card. Please pay your item in 5 days after your won.

Please pay for your item in 5 days after you won. Please verify your address during checkout. We are not responsible for any incorrect or undeliverable address. The shipping company will refuse delivery if you provide a different address.

Please give us your phone number (mobile) when ordering for shipping use, this is very important. The package will be sent in 1-2 business days after your full payment, excluding weekends and holidays, because we have to? Carefully Contrler the goods before shipment to ensure it is in good condition. Items are shipped via DHL low price shipping warehouse hk, lasting between 3-7 business days for delivery, except some remote areas. Moreover, customers are responsible for the costs of the remote region.

If courier confirms your address belongs to the remote area. Please just check the name of the city and postal code on the DHL website. Thank you for your understanding! - usually there will be a delay to display the status of the delivery of the update delivery system, you may consider tracking your items in a few days later.

We did not send: canary, meeting, Martinique, Guadeloupe, french bolivia ...... unconditional return within 30 days. We will provide an exchange or refund (buyer's choice) for the defective product or dissatisfied purchase which reported within 30 days.

We provide 1 year factory warranty from the date of purchase. Uk / the return address. If this lack of unity, you can send it to our address uk / warranty, please contact us to request. And uk / address before sending.

We suggest that ask professional to install products and ask them to. Please contact us first when installing issue happened. However, we are not responsible for installation or uninstallation. Damage or missing components --- our products are brand new and double checked before shipment. Please check the package before outgoing mail.

If you receive a broken item or missing part, keep the original packaging and send us photos in 5 days. We send components or organize the exchange. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs; we will pay to return the customer element.

Warranty will be voided as of: (1) damage caused by: excessive wear & tear, dirt, misused, installation accident or use, neglect, improper. (2) for damage caused by improper packaging when buyers return the item to us. (3) whether the item was disassembled or repaired by an unauthorized person. Our products erisin over 9 years, adopt the latest technologies, offer new products with good quality, high performance but low price, win a good reputation worldwide.

And we won the honors. It must be your best choice!

We have certified technicians test all the items before sending them to you. We promise, choosing us, you not only get a product really cheap & fun but also a 100% satisfied shopping experience! If you have any question, pls just feel free to contact us via this link --- click here. This is the fastest way to contact us, we will respond initially and commit to your satisfaction 100% customer. We work from 08: 30-18: 00 (hour hong kong) except Saturday and the festival.

7 dab + android 7.1 doppel din wifi 3g bluetooth gps radio OBD2 navi-cam ein. 9 android 8.0 gps + dab radio ops für VW Passat Polo Golf tiguan threw seat. Android 8.0 gps + dab radio cd renault logan dacia duster sandero Dokker lodgy. Android 8.0 gps radio dab + 4g DVB-T2 cd for ford c / s-max galaxy Fiesta fusion. 10.1 android 8.1 gps bluetooth radio wifi OBD dab dvb-t2 + 4g tpms usb navi. Android 8.0 Opel Vauxhall astra vectra zafira corsa car radio dab cd + GPS OBD2 bt. 8-kern android 8.0 gps radio dab + 4g DVB-T2 cd a4 s4 rs4 b7 b9 seat exeo. 8-kern android 8.0 megane gps radio dab + Wi 4g DVB-T2 navi cd bt sd. Listing template and services provided by inkFrog. It is in the \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

  1. 3g / 4g: medium, need to buy dongle 3g / 4g us to use <\/ li>
  2. Bluetooth: support handsfree and download phone book <\/ li>
  3. DVR as: medium, need to buy the USB camera for us to use <\/ li>
  4. Features: screen mirroring, steering wheel control <\/ li>
  5. cpu: quad core Px30 1512mhz cortex a35 <\/ li>
  6. dab +: support, need to buy dab + antenna us to use <\/ li>
  7. Dual Zone: support, listen music / radio while browsing <\/ li>
  8. ean: not applicable <\/ li>
  9. For Those address belongs to remote area: customers are responsible for the remote area fee <\/ li>
  10. front panel size: 220mm (top width) * 124mm (high) * 210mm (bottom width) <\/ li>
  11. funzioni: mp3 player, usb, sd <\/ li>
  12. google play store & mirror-link: Support <\/ li>
  13. GPS Navigation: Ready, free 16GB TF card & gps antenna incl <\/ li>.
  14. veicolo marca: Mercedes Benz <\/ li>
  15. brand: erisin <\/ li>
  16. manufacturer part number: 3657sf <\/ li>
  17. obdii: medium, need to buy ELM327 module we use <\/ li>
  18. & RAM memory: 2GB & 16GB <\/ li>
  19. screen / monitor kind: 1024 * 600 hd capacitive touch screen <\/ li>
  20. steering wheel control: support, CANbus decoder included <\/ li>
  21. Operating system: Android 8.1 oreo <\/ li>
  22. TNT: yes, need to buy TNT tv box for us to use <\/ li>
  23. tpms: medium, need tpms module us to use <\/ li>
  24. USB & SD: Yes, supports up to 64 go <\/ li>
  25. wifi: support, integrated <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt    Dab + CD Android 8.1 Car Gps Mercedes C / Clk / W203 W209 G Class Viano Vito Tnt